Oleum según Arte

The organic oils of Quintero Mora´s Family Payments, are obtained with quality and ecological awareness. They are Excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oils, of a higher category, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical processes.


Greenish colour with golden reflections, it smells very fruity with a lot of freshness.


Emerald green colour, it smells like fresh cut grass, intense fruity.

In our ecological olive grow we improve the health of the ground, increase biodiversity, rural and environmental development

Official Certificate

We are certified by Andalusian Committee for Ecological Agriculture (CAAE)

Nuestra historia

The farm “Carrera del Caballo” is located in “Los Pinos de Valverde”, belonging to Valverde del Camino (Huelva).


The benefits of Virgin Olive Oil

The Virgin Olive Oil´s benefits have been extensively studied and proveed

The olive harvest

As later as we collect the olive, the intensity of the organoleptic characteristics will be worse

A shallow focus closeup shot of a hare eating grass in a field