About us

The farm “Carrera del Caballo” is located in “Los Pinos de Valverde”, belonging to Valverde del Camino (Huelva) Andalucía. 

It´s a agricultural-livestock farming that began in 1999, dedicated to arbequina and picual varieties of  Ecological olive grove, and extensive ecological livestock, breeding pure “limusin” bovine.

In our ecological olive grove, we improve the ground’s health, increase biodiversity, and advantage rural and environmental development. We are certified by the Andalusian Committee for Ecological Agriculture (CAAE).

Our Harvest


Quintero's organic oils are conscious about the importance of harvesting process in the final product.

We start the olive harvest early, in the last week of October. With that, we get greater aromatic intensity, more intense fruity flavor, and keep all the vitamins and nutrients that the olive contains.

As later as we collect the olive, the intensity of the organoleptic characteristics will be worse.

We harvest the olive with a vibrator umbrella, with out beat the olive and fall at the ground, and is exempt of chemical products.

The olive that not fall due to vibration, it keeps in the olive tree for birds, so we get a higher quality fruit due to integrity of olive is essential for oil’s quality.


An olive with damage in epidermis, produced by shaking, lower the amount of polyphenols and produces bacterial growth, quality decreases, resulting in negative attributes or defects, like musty, humidity or rancid even.

After cold extraction, the oil is stored in a filtered and cleaned cellar.

Vibrator pick-up with umbrella

The Farm